Whether you like hard rock, trance, or country, LollaPalooza is the ultimate festival for music lovers. The multi-genre music festival features numerous bands from all corners of the music universe, as well as a major dance stage for hours of lively entertainment. If you’re planning a trip to the festival in Chile, here are some travel tips for traveling in Lollapalooza Chile 2020 and advice to make the most of your festival visit.

A brief history of Lollapalooza

Coined from the Three Stooges, lollapalooza means something “extraordinarily impressive.” The festival was started in 1991 by the lead singer of Jane’s Addiction as a venue for the band’s farewell tour, but it struggled to gain popularity. In 2005, LollaPalooza was hosted by Chicago, which skyrocketed it to fame. The festival is now held in 7 different countries around the world, including Germany, Sweden, France, and multiple times in Chile. In general, the festival attracts over 100,000 visitors, but the attendance numbers continue to grow.

Families and people relaxing in a park in Santiago

Park in Santiago

Who’s playing at Lollapalooza Chile 2020?

Lollapalooza Chile 2020 is a veritable “who’s who” of music, featuring such acts as Guns N’ Roses, The Strokes, Lana Del Rey, Vampire Weekend, Gwen Stefani, and some locally famous Chilean musicians. In total, the festival will feature 39 high-profile acts from some of the best names in the business, so there’s something for every taste. It’s also the 10-year anniversary festival and takes place on March 27-29, 2020, in Santiago. You can find more information about the acts here.

Ticket prices

You can obtain tickets to LollaPalooza in the form of daily passes, general passes that include 3 days, and VIP passes. A 1-day general daily pass is $109.44, a 1-day Lolla Lounge daily pass is $244.62, and the 1-day Lolla Lounge Premium daily pass is $321.87. A 3-day general pass is $225.31. A 3-day VIP Lolla Lounge pass is 463.50 and a 3-day Lolla Lounge Premium pass is $753.19. In addition, 3-day lot parking is $32.19, and a 3-day locker pass is $19.31. You can also book a Sackpack, or foldable backpack for your belongings, for $12.87.

How to get there

You can easily book a flight to Santiago, Chile, from most major airports in major U.S. cities. Once you arrive, you have plenty of options for how to get around. Bicycles are the preferred mode of transportation in a flat, sunny city like Santiago, but people also use buses, the metro line, taxis, and cars and motorcycles. You can rent a car to move around at your own pace, or use rideshare services. To get to the festival, you can use the Metro de Santiago and Transantiago public transportation networks, which extend their schedules for the festival.

Visiting O’Higgins Park

O’Higgins Park is the official location for Lollapalooza Chile 2020. Located in the Santiago Commune, the park spans 185 acres and is found near the Parque O’Higgins metro station and Autopista Central highway, making travel a breeze. What to know is that the park has many amenities along with the festival, including shops, craft stalls, a pool, a skate park, tennis courts, a theater, an artificial lake, walking trails, and the Fantasilandia amusement park. There are several museums as well, including the Museum of the Huaso and the Insect and Snail Museum.

People biking on a street in Santiago


Bring the kids to Kidzapalooza

Generally, Lollapalooza is not a family-friendly event, but it does have Kidzapalooza. You’ll wish you knew that the separate festival-within-a-festival is designed for children and free to enter with adult admission. Children up to 10 years of age are allowed in for free, and if you anticipate going, you must provide a form of identity that verifies age. The event has many kid-friendly experiences, such as magic shows, art workshops, orchards, DJ entertainment, and family bands. There’s also a space reserved for young children that includes changing areas, kettles, microwaves, and a breastfeeding area.

Consider VIP

If you want to splurge and make the most of your LollaPalooza experience, why not spring for VIP tickets? The VIP sector takes the experience to the next level with 5-star service that includes tickets to the festival, Kidzapalooza, multiple event scenarios, and exclusive access to the park. It also includes the Lolla Lounge or Lolla Lounge Premium, which gives you an open bar, rest areas, shade areas, merchandise discounts, exclusive bathrooms, host service, and a giant screen with live video streams.

Tour Green Village

Green Village is a special environmental focus of the festival that informs visitors of sustainability and environmental concerns. On a tour, you can see the key figures that are working toward improving the environment and promoting the green movement. There’s also an Environmental Education Program, Rock & Recycle, which promotes education and action on recycling and sustainable practices to make the festival zero waste. You have access to Green Village with general, Lolla Lounge, and Lolla Lounge Premium passes, so be sure to check it out.

Lollapalooza is fully accessible

As a festival for all, Lollapalooza has a number of accessibility measures to ensure people with limited mobility, vision issues, hearing issues, and cognitive issues can attend and enjoy themselves. The festival has universal bathrooms, preferred parking for those with disabilities, sign language interpreters, accessible routes, accessible vision platforms, and preferred pedestrian access, which provides specialized aides. There are also volunteers qualified in occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other forms of rehabilitation, as well as open access for certified service animals. Know before you go and find more information here.

Things to see and do in Santiago

One of the best travel tips is knowing what to see and do if you’re going to stay longer to experience some of Santiago in addition to the festival. As Chile’s capital and largest city, Santiago is home to neoclassical landmarks, colonial buildings, vibrant markets, and numerous vantage points for city views. Some highlights of the city include San Cristobal Hill, a summit with a hiking trail to panoramic city views, and Parque Tupahue, a huge park with a zoo and cable car rides. There’s also Plaza de Armas, a celebrated public square with many famous statues.

Cityscape view from San Cristobal Hill

San Cristobal Hill

Ready for your trip?

Now that you have tips and essential information before visiting Lollapalooza Chile 2020, you’re ready for the time of your life. Plan your itinerary and check out travel deals for Chile vacations on Expedia to save on travel and accommodation for your trip!