Birthdays are a time for smiles and celebration with family and friends. So, in this time of social distancing, you might wonder how to make someone’s birthday special without seeing them in person. Thankfully, virtual experiences can make it easy to feel close to someone even if you’re miles apart. You can also use virtual activities to create a fun theme for an online birthday celebration for both kids and adults. From virtual movie nights to online wine tasting, here are some virtual birthday ideas that are sure to make the day special.

Virtual Birthday Getaway

Eiffel Tower in Paris seen behind pink flower petals strewn on a bench

One of the most exciting ways to celebrate a milestone birthday is by taking a trip somewhere special. But just because you can’t physically travel doesn’t mean you have to scrap that idea entirely. Invite your family and friends to celebrate a virtual birthday with a virtual vacation through online tours and experiences.

You can virtually explore the museums of New York City with an expert guide or take a virtual trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Put up decorations to represent your chosen vacation spot, dress up in your travel clothes, and even make or order takeout of cuisine from that location. Birthdays are about fun—so have fun with it!

Virtual Movie Night

Young family sitting on a couch and watching a movie together

Gather family and friends together for a virtual birthday movie night. You can all jump on a Zoom call together and synchronize when you press play or try something like Netflix Party to get the party started. Pop popcorn, put on PJs, or dress as your favorite fictional character. Then, you can follow up the movie night with a virtual tour to film locations in London—perfect for Harry Potter or James Bond fans. Or hear behind the scenes stories while virtually exploring Game of Thrones film locations in Spain.

Birthday Online Cooking Class

Father and daughter taking an online cooking class together

Another great long-distance birthday celebration idea is to gather people together for a live online cooking class. Over video chat, you can feel like you’re all in the kitchen together whipping up a delectable birthday dinner. Learn to make homemade pasta through a live online cooking class with an Italian chef. You can also have a cook in Mumbai guide you through her family recipe for vegetarian Indian cuisine. Or make tasty Greek soup while chatting with a cookbook author based in Los Angeles. The foodies in your life are sure to love this virtual birthday idea.

Virtual Wine Tasting for Adult Birthdays

Woman celebrating a virtual birthday with wine and cake

For a 21-and-older virtual birthday celebration, book a virtual wine-tasting experience. Don’t worry, the wine is real, delicious, and shipped directly to your home from the vineyard in Tuscany. When your box of bottles arrives, set up a video chat with the winemaker for a guided sip-and-savor session. Since the wine comes from Italy, this is one virtual birthday idea that you’ll have to plan in advance. However, the wine connoisseur in your life is sure to love it.

Birthday in a Box and Cake in a Jar

Woman wearing a mask and holding a birthday present

Complement your online birthday celebration ideas by sending some real-world items. Upgrade a birthday card to a party in a box through The Confetti Post. Complete with a confetti popper, tasty treats, and a balloon, you can customize these celebratory boxes with a variety of ethically sourced, artisan-made presents.

You can also send cake in a jar through Jars by Dani. From rainbow-colored white chocolate to cookies n’ cream, these cakes come layered in mason jars for an Instagram-worthy celebration. During this time of separation, receiving something physical from someone you care about can feel extra special.

What are your virtual birthday ideas?