The Best Cheap Eats in Seattle

A trip to Seattle means a chance to visit one of the most thriving food scenes on the west coast. While your taste buds will cherish the opportunity to sample some of the finest cuisines of the Pacific Northwest, your bank account might appreciate some restaurant deals that don’t break your budget. With that in mind, here are our top picks for the best cheap eats in Seattle.

Tacos Chukis

This Capitol Hill-based taco stand is a great place to get the most bangin’ burrito for your buck. Their signature carne asada baby burritos pack a major punch in a tiny package, and their house tacos (starting at $2.50) offer a delicious taste of Mexico north of the border.

Chungchun Rice Dog

Enjoy a meat-on-a-stick meal worth writing home about at this casual Korean spot in Seattle’s International District. Their hand-crafted hot dogs are wrapped in your choice of delicious cheese, crispy potatoes, ramen noodles, and prices start at less than $5! It’s the perfect mouth-watering treat and one of the best cheap eats in downtown Seattle. 


A popular choice among locals, Marination offers a unique, reasonably priced menu that every foodie should try for themselves. Serving a Hawaiian-Korean-Mexican fusion blend cuisine, Marination has multiple locations in Capitol Hill, West Seattle, and even their own traveling food truck.

Umma’s Lunch Box

A staple of downtown dining, this pan-Asian buffet has been consistently voted one of the best affordable restaurants in Seattle. With a focus on Korean dishes, Umma’s Lunch Box offers items like sushi and their famous popcorn chicken in convenient to-go boxes for under $15.

Wood Shop BBQ

If you’re looking for an affordable taste of southern-style barbeque in Seattle, look no further than Wood Shop BBQ. This former food truck operation recently opened a small restaurant in the city’s Central District, with plenty of pulled pork to go around. Pick up a side of their smoked jalapeño macaroni and cheese to complete the experience.

Pasta Casalinga

Perfect for casual dining in the city, Pasta Casalinga serves some of the best pasta bowls for under $10. Located in the famous Pike Place Market, this Italian eatery serves up authentic artisanal cuisine that will leave you craving more. Be sure to save room for the incredible ricotta chocolate crostata dessert.

Sizzle & Crunch

The lines at this Vietnamese grill may be long, but trust us, the food is worth the wait. Their menu includes some of the best cheap eats in Seattle, from rice and salad-bowls to meat and vegetarian banh mi baguettes, making it an excellent stop for a satisfying bite.

Xi’an Noodles

Experience a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine on the cheap with a visit to Xi’an Noodles on University Way for lunch. Enjoy generous portions of their signature take on Chinese street foods and hand-pulled noodles at affordable prices.


This charming little French bistro features fine dining at a low cost. Located in Ravenna, Pair is a great place to stop for small plates at happy hour or a full dinner meal. The old-world decor lends the feeling of a little cafe in the French countryside.

Pick-Quick Drive-In

If you need a quick bite along your journey, Pick-Quick Drive-In is a must eat in Seattle. This old-school-style burger joint offers all the expected fast food menu items at super reasonable prices. Enjoy a tasty American burger with fries and a root beer float for less than $10.

Is your mouth watering yet? Or maybe your jaws dropped from these shockingly good deals. When you’re ready to sink your teeth into some of the best cheap eats in Seattle, be sure to book your trip with Expedia. We’ve got exclusive hotel deals in Seattle that will put savings back in your pocket and don’t miss these fun suggestions for cheap things to do while you’re in town.


Header: Via f11 photo / Shutterstock