Expedia helps millions of people per year go wherever they want, so it’s very important to us that everybody has the best travel experience possible. The way we treat each other while traveling has an impact on how we feel about a trip, so we conduct our annual Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study to pinpoint common travel annoyances and offer tips on how to deal with them. Before we dive into the results, below are some tips to keep in mind to help spread kindness and practice good etiquette whether in the air or on the ground:

  • Do lend an extra hand! If a fellow traveler appears to have their hands full, offer to help and see if there is something you can do to make their life easier. This could be as simple as assisting with heavy luggage or giving attention to a restless child.
  • Most travelers are trying to achieve vacation nirvana – especially after scoring great deals on Expedia. Be polite, don’t start fights or be confrontational.
  • Do be mindful of the space around you. If you think you’ll need more room to stretch out during flight, consider paying a bit extra to upgrade your seat.
  • If you are sick but must travel, don’t get others infected. Whenever possible, clean up around yourself and ask to be reseated away from fellow passengers — everybody will appreciate your efforts to keep others healthy.
  • When staying in a vacation rental, do treat it like your own and respect the host. Don’t leave a mess, touch any personal belongings that may be out, or take things that don’t belong to you.
  • As the guest in a vacation rental, do consider leaving a ‘thank you’ note. Hosts can also leave notes welcoming their guests and highlight local restaurants and activities to explore in the area. These personal touches are impactful and memorable.
  • Do pay it forward! This could be as small as buying a fellow traveler coffee, tipping the flight crew and hotel staff, or as grand as offering to pay for someone’s seat upgrade. For vacation rentals, consider surprising guests with passes to a local activity.

The global etiquette report is notorious for diving deep into travelers’ preferences, behaviors and pet peeves. However, this year we’re switching things up a little to focus on the nice things we frequently do for others. But don’t worry, we’ll get to the annoying stuff later!