People born in the 80s and 90s face a lot of stereotypes, it seems. But did you know, fair millennial, that there are some positive facts in your favor? According to Hipmunk, millennials are more likely to travel than lots of other generations, and they usually do it for leisure, opening their minds to other cultures and making new connections. You’ve also been considered trendsetters when it comes to where to go and how to document it— PhoCusWright data proves it’s true. Millennials and travel, it seems, go together like peaches and cream. Speaking of fuzzy fruit, you’ll feel like a real Georgia peach when you visit Atlanta. Savannah is on the rise in popularity for domestic destinations for millennials, and Atlanta is just a 3.5-hour road trip away.

Grab your map (just kidding, what’s a map? You have an app for that) and head to ATL. It’s all about the food, entertainment, and photo opportunities. Let’s go.


Photo ops
Millennials love to share their travel adventures on social media. Does that sound familiar? You want to get those double taps on Instagram. Luckily, Atlanta is full of spots to take artistic photos and share your experiences with friends and family. Stop by the Krog Street Tunnel to grab some pics of graffiti and angular architecture. Go up 72 floors in the Westin to the Sun Dial restaurant, and you can capture a coveted “colorful drink foreground/stunning skyline background” photo. Other spots for good photographs include the Big Chicken in Marietta, the grand staircase at Georgian Terrace Hotel, and the quirky business signage in Little Five Points. Go on a scavenger hunt and you’ll stumble on tons of stuff worth capturing.

Viewfinder Tip: Historic sites like the Fox Theatre and Martin Luther King Jr’s childhood home are must-stop attractions.

Trendy spots
Did we mention millennials are trendsetters? Some of the best things to do in Atlanta are definitely going to put you ahead of the curve. If you’re downtown, grab a drink at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails and climb on the game room trend at Joystick Gamebar. Over in Little Five Points, you can rub elbow patches with hipsters at spots like Criminal Records and catch a live show at Variety Playhouse. In neighborhoods like Cabbagetown, there is a general uptick in trendiness. Warehouses have become homes and artistic spaces, and quaint spots like the Carroll Street Café are a good place to grab a bite.

Room for spontaneity
One other thing about millennial travel—spontaneity is key. You are likely to book your vacation at the last minute and you don’t want to be tied down to an itinerary the entire time. You wouldn’t turn down a brewery tour, but you also want to have a few unplanned side trips during your stay. Grab a bike and set out to explore the Atlanta BeltLine with nothing but time on your side and a bunch of sunscreen. Go for a walk through Historic Oakland Cemetery if the mood strikes; you’ll find the graves of civil rights activists and soldiers alike. Other spots that lend themselves to some spontaneous fun? Take a stroll through the Sweet Auburn Curb Market at your own pace or randomly splash through the fountains at Centennial Olympic Park.

What are your tips for travel in ATL?