In the last 20 years, Dubai has soared to become one of the wealthiest cities in the world. With so much money, it’s easy to see why this urban oasis has become synonymous with some of the most outlandishly luxurious experiences on the planet. In the end, there are some things to do in Dubai that you couldn’t do anywhere else. We’re talking about private helicopter flights over record-breaking skyscrapers, track days in supercars worth more than your house, and torch-lit multi-course dinners in a desert oasis all to yourself. Listen to your inner sultan and dive into Dubai’s decadence with these once-in-a-lifetime activities.

Private Falconry

Commune with the animals in inimitable style as you head out to a desert camp in a luxury Range Rover with Platinum Heritage to work with highly trained falcons. When you arrive, team up with trainers to learn the ins and outs of falconry, the practice of using these birds of prey to assist in hunting down small game. Don protective gloves to try your hand at controlling these stunning creatures, enjoy a side trip to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to observe exotic wildlife like gazelles, and cap off your adventure with a sumptuous breakfast at the Al Maha Desert Resort.

Man lures in falcon during falconry experience in Dubai

Arabian Spa Experience

Forget those one-hour massages you treat yourself to a couple times per year. This heavily pampered experience with Spa Cordon starts with a soothing foam massage atop a heated marble bed. Let trained spa professionals exfoliate your skin with black olive soap, and then move on to a stone massage with aromatherapy to relieve tension through the use of scented oils and warm basalt stones. Finally, a cold stone facial rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin. Drift back to reality in the lounge after it’s all over, recharge with a light lunch, and enjoy convenient drop-off back at your hotel so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Woman relaxing in a pool at KamiSpa in Rome

Supercar Driving

The tragedy with expensive cars is that all that for their capabilities they’re handled like priceless keepsakes, rarely used for the type of driving they were designed for, which is why the best kind of expensive car to drive is the one that isn’t yours. Meet up with the folks at Dreamdays to get behind the wheel of an Audi R8 for a track day you won’t soon forget. As you blast around the track, get tips on your driving technique from racing professionals and try to beat your best lap time as you push the 610-horsepower engine to its limits.

Helicopter flies over large resort in Dubai

Sightseeing in Style

Sure, you could check out the city’s landmarks in a convenient hop-on hop-off bus or on-foot, but checking out those same sights by air and sea opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Watch the deserts beyond Dubai illuminate in saturated hues of ochre, red, and gold as you float quietly over never-ending dunes and stretches of sand during a sunrise hot air balloon flight. Get an early start and meet up with an experienced balloonist (that’s what they’re called!) from Alpha Tours. While they finishing filling the balloon, watch as the Arabian night’s twinkling stars began to fade in the oncoming light of day, and then climb into the basket to take off. Drift over reddened dunes while the sun creeps over the horizon, keeping your eyes peeled for gazelles and oryx in a nearby animal preserve, and looking for falconers practicing their craft in the early morning light.

If the breezy experience of floating over Dubai in a hot air balloon sounds a bit more adventurous than you were hoping for, Alpha Tours offers alternatives, from scenic helicopter flights that let you and your group circle the city’s skyscrapers and engineering marvels from the comfort of your own private whirlybird to luxury yacht rides where you can scope out Dubai’s skyline from the water while enjoying the benefits of an open bar. Bottoms up!

Large yacht cruises past cityscape in Dubai

Dine like a Sultan

Even if you had to take the stairs, dining at the top of the Burj Khalifa would still be worth it. Lucky for you, the elevators of the world’s tallest building whisk you to the 124th floor at 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) so you can make your lunch or dinner reservation, arranged by Dreamdays, on time. When you arrive for at At.mosphere, pop your ears and let the host guide you to your table, complete with views that will make you feel borderline omnipotent. Browse the menu’s divine selection of global cuisine, filled with selections like wild Scottish salmon topped with oscietra caviar and chateaubriand made with beef flown in from Tajima Japan, and swing by the observation deck to treat yourself to a dessert of 360-degree views.View of entrance to AT.MOSPHERE in Dubai”