On the hunt to find some of the tastiest, buzz-worthy food trucks on the scene, we teamed up with Roaming Hunger, the authority on all things food trucks. They crunched the numbers and provided us with the top 15 cities with the most food trucks per 100,000 capita in 2016.

For some, the whole experience of lining up for a food truck and getting a meal to go might remind them of their childhood, waving a dollar in hand, chasing the ice cream truck down. For others, it might be the sensory experience—the rustic barbecue aroma or cheese sizzling on the grill—giving them a behind the scenes look into professional kitchens of the most unique food trucks. Whatever it is, everyone can agree, food trucks are worth all the hype, and the cities that embrace the best have a serious love affair with good food.

The following cities have well over the national average of 15 food trucks per 100,000 capita. Want more to chew on? Roaming Hunger gave us each city’s fan favorites and must-try food trucks, so don’t blame us if your stomach starts to growl.


What do you think are the best food trucks in America?