Do your family and friends describe you as a thrill seeker? Are you hoping to find more exhilarating Vegas experiences than staking out the blackjack tables and hitting up boozy pool parties? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, read on, because we’re here to tell you that there are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas to give you that adrenaline rush you crave. Check out our top picks to race, fly, and scream your way through the desert landscape of Sin City—and make your trip totally unforgettable.

Two sports cars on track in Las Vegas



Cruise the Las Vegas Motor Speedway like a pro

Get behind the wheel of a luxury supercar and embark on the drive of a lifetime with the experts at Exotics Racing on an exclusive closed-course racetrack. After a lesson from a professional instructor to learn driving techniques and acquaint yourself with the course, take the driver’s seat in your preferred fantasy car—choose from options from legendary brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Nissan, and Audi—and test out your new skills. As you hurtle through 5 heart-pounding laps, push your high-powered vehicle to its limits, and get a taste of the life of a real racecar driver.

Tackle the ultimate skydiving adventure

Tandem skydivers mid-jump over Las VegasWhether you’re a first-time or veteran skydiver, we’re hard-pressed to come up with a more spectacular place to take the plunge than the mighty Grand Canyon. Psych yourself up to make the jump from a spot high above the South Rim, and then get ready for mind-blowing views of its cliffs and crevasses as you rocket down to earth at speeds of up to 124 miles per hour (220 km/h). An instructor from Skydive the Grand Canyon rides tandem with you, unfurling your parachute so you can soak up the scenery as you float the rest of the breathtaking journey back to solid ground.

Survey the glitter of Sin City from the Stratosphere

Take your day on the Strip to new heights and ride the elevator to the observation deck of the soaring Stratosphere Las Vegas. Towering at 1,149 feet (350 m) above the glitzy hotels and casinos, the city’s tallest structure also happens to be the second-tallest freestanding observation tower in the entire Western Hemisphere. When you’re done admiring the 360-degree views, you can seek out more sky-high thrills on the tower’s 4 exciting rides. Shoot into the atmosphere on Big Shot, or discover the exhilaration of bungee jumping as you plummet 855 feet (261 m) on SkyJump Las Vegas.

Hone your shooting skills for the zombie apocalypse

If humanity ever has to fend off an attack from the undead, you’ll be ready thanks to this crash course in defeating brain-eating enemies. Head to the state-of-the-art Range 702 and practice your aim as you take out zombie targets using a variety of high-powered weapons. Your arsenal includes a fully automatic M4, a 12-gauge shotgun, a Smith & Wesson Governor, and a Glock 17 with a suppressor, offering you everything you need to prepare for the ultimate end-of-the-world showdown.

Cruise your way through Nevada’s rugged desert

Two people in dune buggy in Las Vegas desertLeave the crowds and flashing lights of the city behind and venture deep into the untouched Mojave wilderness on an off-road tour from Sunbuggy Fun Rentals. Hop into your choice of an ATV or dune buggy for a blood-pumping journey through the sprawling state park known as the Valley of Fire. As you speed across vast stretches of sand dunes and remote trails, the sights of the red sandstone formations that give the park its name and plenty of desert critters are sure to take your breath away. If that weren’t enough, you also get to check out gorgeous locations featured in blockbusters like Star Trek and Transformers.

Zoom like a superhero over Lake Las Vegas

Man in Superman costume on flyboard in Las VegasIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a flyboard! If you’ve always envied the Man of Steel’s soaring abilities, join the pros at Flyboard Las Vegas for a water adventure to make your aerial dreams come true. Strap into a pair of boots powered with innovative water pressure technology and blast off above the surface of the lake. As you get comfortable using your body weight to control the board, which can hover nearly 50 feet (15 m) in the air, test out your new powers of flight with daring spins, ascents, dips, and even dives into the water. By the time you hover back down to earth, we guarantee you’ll feel ready to go out and save the world.

With so many thrilling things to do in Vegas, how will you be dialing your vacation up a notch?