Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, luxurious, or fancy—necessarily. If you find that you want to turn the comfort level up to 11, trade cheeseburgers for caviar, and let your stress slip away a little faster, consider 10 of our favorite luxury activities, beckoning to you from around the world.

1. Couture coffee: Clutching the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai on the Big Island, Kona coffee is some of the most desired and expensive in the world. Hop in your choice of luxury sedan or SUV to head to a plantation where this beloved bean grows. Check out the roasting process, chat with experienced farmers, and enjoy a private tasting session to get your caffeine fix in style.

2. Bubbles in the City of Light: Luxury-seeking romantics can’t do much better than sipping Champagne in the French countryside. Ride out of Paris to spend a day sampling bubbly in the namesake region where it’s crafted and go behind the scenes to see how each celebratory bottle is created.

3. Diamond in the rough dining: Eating in the middle of the desert may sound like something reserved for adventurers looking to rough it. But if you do it in luxurious Range Rovers and your dinner includes a gourmet 6-course meal, belly dancer performances, and a starlit camel ride, it becomes something more suited for sultans and princes on the go.

4. Grand Canyon at sunset: From the dazzling lights of Las Vegas to the deep red cliffs that wind along the Valley of Fire, there’s no better way to get from the Strip to the Grand Canyon than by helicopter. Make the trip at sunset and stop off for a champagne toast along the way to see this natural wonder like no one else.

5. Ferraris in the French Riviera: Sparkling white sand beaches, rugged coastlines, and azure waters flecked with the gleaming hulls of luxury yachts—the French Riviera exudes high-class around every corner of its coastal Mediterranean roads. Explore the bends and curves in high-powered Ferrari to get a taste of the good life with just a dash of adrenaline.

6. Ultimate spa treatment in Bali: Indonesia’s resort and beach towns are riddled with massage gparlors that offer everything from foot-focused reflexology treatments to deep tissue Lomi Lomi sessions. Rather than try and pick which muscle-melting service is best for you, it may be easier to play it safe and simply get everything, like this ritual that includes an Ayurvedic body brushing, coconut wrap, Shiatsu foot massage, clay mask, and Lomi Lomi full-body massage.

7. Yacht cruise on the Bosphorus: In the shadow of empires and kings, the Bosphorus River divides east from west in the vibrant heart of Istanbul. Explore this timeless waterway from the deck of a luxury yacht and sip wine while you scan the shores for temples, mosques, and palaces that date back to the Ottoman Empire.

8. Catalan adventure by horseback: Rising up to greet the Mediterranean, the Colserolla mountains are filled with dense groves of aromatic pine, sweeping swaths of quiet grasslands, and shady stretches of rushing rivers. It’s the perfect place to go for a horseback ride with a private guide, especially when you can cap off your equestrian adventure with tapas and wine.

9. Snorkeling in style: Cabo’s coral reefs, exotic marine life, and crystal clear waters make it an ideal snorkeling destination, but crowded trips can ruin even the best environments. Avoid the throngs and ensure your underwater excursion is free of errant elbows and kicking legs with this private snorkeling trip aboard a 42-foot sailboat.

10. Soaring by skyscrapers: A field of gleaming glass and steel, Hong Kong’s skyscraper-studded skyline is packed with more record-breaking buildings than you could imagine. Imagine you’re a high-powered executive as you take to the skies to get a once-in-a-lifetime look at this modern metropolis, with a private pilot to help you identify which enormous edifice ranks among the top 10 tallest in the world.

What luxury activity would you try first?